iOfficeV4 - Groupware Intranet System

iOfficeV4 is the ready-to-work Groupware application suite from Neo Japan, Inc. Our various applications are easy-to-use and can improve productivity of cooperative work in your group or whole organization. iOfficeV4 offers your work group twenty powerful collaboration tools.

iOfficeV4 supports multilingual group collaboration and communication.

Today over 34,000 organizations are using iOffice Groupware product family (inc. services provided by ASP) worldwide. Now, we announce the release of iOfficeV4, the innovative Web-based Groupware that aims for a new Groupware era.

Collaboration Tools Collaboration Tools

The collaboration tools let you easily organize the sharing of information. Members of your workgroup can get up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.
Comunication Tools Communication Tools

iOfficeV4's enhanced communication tools allow your members to communicate general and specific information to each other.
Personal Management Tools Personal Info. Management Tools

iOfficeV4 also provides the personal information management tools that allow you to manage your personal information and data.
Resource Management Tools Resource Management Tools

With iOfficeV4, four resource management tools are available so that efficiency of resources required for activity of persons, workgroups, and organization can be maximized.

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Key Features:

Schedule enables you to view schedules of your group members at-a-glance.  You can allow access to your schedule specific members and groups.

To-Do allows you to monitor due dates and set reminders.

WebMail lets you to send and receive e-mail messages.  Since WebMail does not require any e-mail client software, you can transfer messages from a browser anywhere.

Whereabouts allows you to check users' whereabouts and your messages that came in while you were absent.  You can leave messages for your colleagues instantly.

Time Card helps you to record and track your working time.  Appointed users can authorize time taken off.

Facility Reservation makes it easily reserve equipment, a room, book, or service.  You can also schedule events based on availability of facilities and manage reservation.

Workflow lets you to process any application in your organization.  The application is sent to the appropriate people in a specified order.

Circulation allows group members to send circulars.  Since Circulation allows recipients to comment on a topic, it can be used as a polling tool.

Information lets you to provide information to your workgroup members.  You can display important messages on recipients' Top Page during each posting period.

Address Book allows you to manage the contact information of your clients, customers, and vendors in the public address book.  Each iOffiecV4 user can have a private address book to store personal contact information.

Discussion provides a forum to talk about any topics or post a question.  Your message boards will become great databases for all members.